Gamechangers Custom Orthotics Lite

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Product Short Summary:

  • Recommended for flat to mid arch
  • 5mm thick
  • The Lite version has a normal PU foam top layer therefore absorbs less energy than normal gamechangers
  • Same custom orthotic technology as Gamechangers


For women’s sizing, simply add 2 sizes up. Ex. A men’s 4 is a women’s 6.

Open Cell Poly Urethane foam covered Gamechangers with kingfoam in the heel and forefoot. They absorb less impact than kingfoam Gamechangers but still more than any other brand or stock insole because they still have kingfoam inside the heel and under the forefoot. They are also very durable. Full custom orthotic support like no other insole! Life expectancy 5-8 months for everyday hard skateboarding or years for walking/running.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t have? pre existing joint pain, the kingfoam orthotics should do the job just fine and are excellent orthotics The difference is that Gamechangers have a very firm custom arch while kingfoam orthotics are more dynamic. The very firm arch is necessary to fully support the arch which then keeps the knees fully aligned. Thanks to the firm custom arch support, you will never feel pain from primo again. Gamechangers will also give you more power, stability, endurance and balance. The world’s best performing most advanced orthotic is also surprisingly simple to mold. A special urethane foam formulation re-cures with heat. Simply warming the insole will cause the inner arch to react and rise. Then it can be easily molded to the foot. As it cools down it will take the specific shape of the arch and become firm in your specific arch shape, giving you real custom orthotic support similar to what a doctor would give you along. It is also covered from heel to toe with Artificial Cartilage foam? which absorbs up to 90% of impact energy.


Preheat oven to 225 F or 110C Insert insole for 5-8 minutes or until arch is soft. Wear socks Remove insole and place into shoe walk for 5-10 minutes or until arch becomes firm. Use caution, insole will be hot. If insole feels too hot, allow it to cool to tolerable temp. before molding. Do not attempt to mold without adult supervision. If using a toaster oven, keep insole away from heating elements and check for overhaeting as toaster ovens do not accurately control even temp. throughout oven. Do not attempt to mold if insole has been punctured or damaged. Do not use microwave. Use common sense. Customer assumes all liability and Footprint Insole Technology is not liable for any injury as a result of using this product, negligent or otherwise. Patent pending design. Designed by Jason Guadalajara for Footprint Insole Technology. Full durability with toe stitching and forefoot pad fabric protection.

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